Melrose Gut Support Bundle


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Product Description

Health starts from the inside out! 

Introducing our Gut Support Bundle, a curated selection of essential gut-loving products. With a nutrient-rich Green-Biotic Gut support blend, soothing Aloe Bera Juice, and nourishing Bone Broth Bombs, this bundle is your ultimate support for a happy and thriving digestive system.

  • Rich in Pre, Pro and Postbiotics
  • Soothing For The Gut 
  • Support Digestion
  • All Natural

Product Details

Our Green-Biotic Gut Support is a powerhouse blend of Greens, Pre and Pro biotics for inner health and our Bone Broth Bombs provide a natural source of gelatin and collagen for healthy gut lining. Lastly, our organically grown Aloe Vera Juice is a powerful healing agent for the gut and has been used for decades to relieve gut problems. 


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Melrose Gut Support Bundle