Vital Greens


just a few of the reviews and emails we have received over the years… 


“I run a naturopathic clinic and I have found Vital Greens is great for recommending to patients. It is simple and it also provides all the nutrients and health benefits my patients need. Its absorption capabilities and health benefits make it a must have for therapy. I would highly recommend Vital Greens to any of my patients or practitioners due to its high nutritional benefits.” J. Hollander 



“I have been taking Vital Greens for about a week and I feel great! I have more energy, I feel better throughout the day and I even sleep more throughout the night. My skin is looking better as well, so I am recommending it to everyone I know.”
M. Rosario 



“After becoming very ill with an unexpected virus, I started taking Vital Greens. Within days, my energy level increased and it made my illness much easier to bear. Thanks for the help!” J. Smith 


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“My husband never eats breakfast, he never takes vitamins and he never eats all the nutrients he should. I always have to force him to eat bananas or drink a cup of tea. After introducing Vital Greens to him, he loves taking it in the morning. Now I don’t have to worry about him for the rest of the day because I know he has all his nutrients”. P. Jenkins 



“Vital Greens is wonderful! My entire family takes it and it makes all of us more vibrant and energetic throughout the day. Not to mention it helps with digestive problems. My brother has suffered from depression for several years, and now that he is taking Vital Greens he is noticeably happier. He visits our Nanna occasionally and she can always tell when he has taken it because he is happier and more energetic.” E. Cartwright 



“I am very satisfied with Vital Greens. I received the sample pack and then purchased the product. It makes me feel more energetic, I sleep better and I think more clearly throughout the day”. S. McGregor 


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“As a vegan it can be difficult finding foods that provide all the nutrients that my body needs. I am very satisfied with Vital Greens, as it has made a huge impact on my life. Thank you.”
J. Walker – Melbourne



“Wow!!! I love Vital Greens so much I won’t ever live a day without it!!! Amazing stuff I recommend it to anybody of any age or gender!!! Brilliantly created I’ve replaced all my vitamins & minerals for this & if I don’t take it for couple days I feel terrible!!!” J. Priscilla – Brisbane 



Vital Greens

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