What is Spirulina?

Spirulina, often considered a superfood, is a nutritious micro salt water plant, discovered in natural alkaline lakes of South America and Africa.

Spirulina has long been a source of nutrients and has been a rich food source for centuries. It is a spiral shaped algae and  is 100%. Spirulina is well known as a healthy dietary supplement in many countries throughout the world.

Spirulina is high in protein (4 times higher than fish or beef) and high in vitamin B12 (3-4 times higher than liver), on a weight/weight ratio. Spirulina is also very high in Iron. This is why Spirulina is considered a vegetarian’s best friend, as vegetarians are often lacking in Iron, Protein and Vitamin B12.

Spirulina offers a wide array of minerals including Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron and Calcium. Spirulina provides a high concentration of beta-carotene – a potent antioxidant which helps protect cells. Spirulina also contains Phycocyanin and gamma-Liolein acid, which help to reduce the chances of heart disease and prevent high cholesterol.

Spirulina is so nutritious that NASA has adopted it for astronauts to use in space as a nutritional supplement, and it is expected to be grown on space stations in the future. 


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How does Spirulina grow?

In order to grow Spirulina, there are four conditions that must be present:

It is impossible to grow Spirulina when the environment is cold. If the environment has a temperature of under 20 degrees Celsius, Spirulina will stop growing and eventually die.

Spirulina thrives in sunshine, as the sun creates a cell reaction. As the reactions occur, the nutrients that are present in Spirulina start to form. The plant then changes carbon dioxide into oxygen. Overall, the sunshine allows Spirulina to create more nutrients through its growth process.

Spirulina grows in alkaline saline water, absorbing nutrients from the water it grows in. If Spirulina is grown in polluted waters, it will not be suitable for human consumption, since there will be high concentrations of pollution or heavy metals in the water.



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How should Spirulina be stored?

Pollution, high temperatures and moisture reduce the overall benefits of Spirulina.



Who should take Spirulina?


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Who shouldn’t take Spirulina?


How should Spirulina be taken?



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are theRE side effects?

Even if you take a high quantity of Spirulina, it will not do any damage to your body. However, consuming too much is a waste. Always follow the package for directions.

Always start Spirulina on a low dose and gradually increase the dosage.

Some people may experience the following symptoms (if the problems do not go away, stop taking the spirulina):


Spirulina: Food or Medicine?

Many illnesses are caused because we fail to consume sufficient amounts of nutrients that are required to ward off illness. Getting sick, such as getting a cold or a flu, is our body’s way of telling us that we are lacking in nutrients; hence we start to feel ill. Fatigue and weakness is the most common example of this! Once these nutrients are replenished, however, the symptoms usually go away and our immune system is restored. If the nutrients are not restored, the immune system weakens and general energy levels decrease, creating further problems. One of the most convenient way to keep the body nourished is by taking Spirulina.

Although Spirulina is not considered a medicine, it is useful in preventing many diseases by nourishing the body and strengthening the immune system. 



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