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Synergy Super Greens (Organic)


Synergy Super Greens (Organic) offers chlorophyll, vitamins, nutrients and fiber. it is an excellent supplement for those who fail to eat enough green veggies. Synergy Super Greens is packed with the best of the Super Greens – Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat Grass and Barley Grass.  

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Synergy super greens


Synergy Super Greens is a combination of the most popular green Super Foods, such as Barley Grass, Chlorella, Wheat Grass and Spirulina. It offers a wide array of healthy nutrients which the body is able to easily absorb, which is not always the case with synthetic supplements. Synergy Super Greens is not only affordable, it also contributes to your 5+ daily servings of vegetables.

The most nutritious whole food in the world is Spirulina. Spirulina is a microscopic freshwater plant. Spirulina has a large amount of nutrients, especially iron and protein. Chlorella offers more chlorophyll than any other plant in the world. It cleanses and detoxifies the body. Barley and Wheat Grass are also high in chlorophyll which alkalises the body. All these ingredients are also high in fiber and nutrient-rich. 

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The amount of Synergy Super Greens that should be consumed depends on the effects you would like to receive. Since it is a blend of natural whole foods, there are no bad side-effects from taking too much, within reason, of course.

The first week you should take 4-6 tablets of Synergy Super Greens per day. To maintain a healthy regiment, start taking 10 tablets a day of Synergy Super Greens after the first week.

Children should always take about half the recommended dosage for adults.

Always introduce Synergy Super Greens gradually if you have a sensitivity to food.  


Spirulina (33%), Barley Grass leaf powder (25%), Wheat Grass leaf powder (25%), Chlorella (17%). Each ingredient is 100% pure and Certified Organic. No fillers or tableting aids used. The cell walls of the chlorella have been cracked for superior digestibility and absorption.



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