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Synergy Spirulina is a super food that consists of over 100 nutrients. Spirulina is typically used in addition to a well-balanced diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle and support greater energy levels. 

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Synergy Natural Spirulina is one of the leaders in the market in regards to Spirulina.

Spirulina is one of nature’s richest sources of protein, without the downsides of cholesterol. On a weight to weight basis, fish, meat and poultry all have a fraction of the protein that Spirulina provides.

Spirulina is a rich source of iron (58x richer than spinach per weight to weight basis).

Synergy Spirulina is non-toxic and is easily absorbed. It provides antioxidants and is particularly rich in beta-carotene.

Spirulina is very high in chlorophyll. In fact, alfalfa, wheat grass and barley grass don’t offer nearly as much chlorophyll as Spirulina does.

With these benefits, Synergy Spirulina can be easily used in any weight loss diet, typically taken 30-45 minutes prior to a meal. Furthermore, Spirulina removes cravings for food as it nourishes the body and it supplies the necessary nutrients the body requires if one chooses to adopt a meal-replacement regime.

Synergy Spirulina is also absorbed 16 times more efficiently than typically synthetic supplements, making Synergy Spirulina a wise choice for getting your daily nutrients.


Ingredients: 100% pure, premium quality Spirulina. (Not organic)
Dose: Start by taking Synergy Spirulina Tablets 2-4 times per day. After one week, take 3 x 6 Synergy Spirulina Tablets every day. For maintenance, a minimum of 6 Synergy Spirulina Tablets a day is essential. For best results, take before or after a large meal, with a glass of water.


Ingredients: 500mg of 100% pure premium quality spirulina in each vegetable fibre (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) capsule.
Dose: Start-up: Take 2-4 Synergy Spirulina Capsules per day for one week. For maintenance, take 6 Synergy Spirulina Capsules per day. For optimum levels, take 6 Synergy Spirulina Capsules 3 times a day.


Ingredients: 100% pure, premium quality Spirulina powder.
Dose: Start with 1-2 grams of Synergy Spirulina Powder every day. After one week start taking 3 grams (1 teaspoon) Synergy Spirulina Powder 3 times a day. For maintenance levels, take 3 grams  (1 teaspoon) of Synergy Spirulina Powder every day.



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