MatchaWhat is Matcha?

Matcha, also known as maccha, is a fine powder Green Tea, used for thousands of years in the east to promote heath and well being.

Matcha Tea is superior to regular brewed Green Tea because instead of just drinking the brewed tea, you ingest the entire leaf and therefore absorb all the goodies that Green Tea has to offer, such as potent antioxidants. In fact, nutritionally, one glass of Matcha Tea is equivalent to 10 glasses of regular brewed Green Tea. 


Matcha is a cancer-fighter, a fat-burner and an overall health food. 


Muscle and Fitness Magazine claims Matcha will “torch body fat”. Dr. Kristi Pado Funk has it on the top of her “Anti-Cancer Diet Grocery List”. 


With brewed Green Tea, the water can only extract a fraction of the green tea benefits. This means that everyday people throw away valuable antioxidants and minerals contained in the Green Tea leaf. In order to get all the benefits of Green Tea you would actually have to eat the tea leaves. However, this is not necessary when you can simply enjoy a bowl of delicious Matcha!

Since Matcha is finely ground Green Tea leaves, you get all the nutrients contained in the leaves such as minerals, powerful antioxidants and amino acids. 


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Matcha Benefits:


Matcha Is an Antioxidant Powerhouse

Matcha is the most powerful Antioxidant you’ve never heard of!

Matcha Tea has no comparison when it comes to the amount of antioxidants it contains.

Antioxidant is a common buzz word in the health industry. Antioxidants help with anti-aging while preventing chronic diseases. Eating fruits and vegetables is the best way to get antioxidants, however nothing has as many antioxidants as Matcha. Matcha has more antioxidants than all the fruits and vegetables you might eat on a daily basis.

So just how many antioxidants are in Matcha compared to other foods? Matcha provides twenty times more antioxidants than pomegranates and blueberries, according to a study conducted at Tufts University.

Matcha’s ORAC score is 1300 units per gram, compared to 91 units in blueberries, 105 units in pomegranates, 55 units in Acai Berries, 253 in Goji Berries, and 227 in Dark Chocolate. Matcha contains 6 times more antioxidants than Goji Berries, 7 times more antioxidants times more antioxidants than Dark Chocolate, and 60 times more antioxidants than Spinach. No other food comes close to offering the antioxidant capacity in Matcha!



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Energy Booster

Most Matcha drinkers don’t expect the strong energy boost that Matcha provides. Studies initially thought that this energy boost was due to the caffeine provided in Matcha, but they later discovered that it was because of Matcha’s natural properties. Other studies show that Matcha increases physical performance by 24%.


Calorie Burner

Matcha is almost calorie free, and it helps burn calories in your body. A recent study shows that Matcha can help increase your ability to burn calories by four times the usual rate. It also doesn’t raise blood pressure or put stress on the body or increase heart rate, like many other foods, drinks and supplements do for losing weight.


Detox Deluxe

Matcha cleanses the body and removes harmful chemicals. Matcha contains Chlorophyll which helps to detoxify the body and remove chemicals and heavy metals from the body. Since Matcha is grown in the shade, it has a higher level of chlorophyll than other green teas.

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