Vital Greens


Vital Greens naturally energizes, rejuvenates and revitalizes the body by offering a well-balanced combination of vegetables, fruits, vitamins & minerals, probiotics, amino acids, fiber, herbs, protein and digestive enzymes…

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matcha – supergreen tea! 

With brewed Green Tea, the water can only extract a fraction of the green tea benefits. Everyday people throw away valuable antioxidants and minerals contained in the green tea leaf. Therefore, in order to get all the benefits…

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sPIRULINa – a vegetarian’s best friend!

Spirulina, often considered a superfood, is a nutritious micro salt water plant, discovered in natural alkaline lakes in South America and Africa.Spirulina has long been a source of nutrients and has been a rich food source…

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cHLORELLa – the world’s oldest health food!

Although Chlorella is a very simple life form, it is an excellent source of nutrition.  The primary use of Chlorella is to detoxify the body. Chlorella is a powerful cleanser by linking up to toxins and then omitting them from your body…

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Barley Grass

barley grass – nature’s alkalizer!

Barley Grass is an alkalizing food! A balanced alkaline level in the body is important for decreasing the acidic effects of poorly processed foods, sugars and animal proteins. Since these foods increase acid in the body, it is necessary…

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wheatgrass – nature’s cleanser!

Wheatgrass is a super food! It is highly beneficial for destroying bacteria, alkalizing the body, detoxifying and assisting in rebuilding and moving toxins away from the body. Not only does taking Wheatgrass helps in the detoxification….

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24 Reasons To Take Vital Greens!

It is often thought that maintaining a well-balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, meat, wheat, dairy and other healthy foods will provide all the nutrition that is required for you to lead a healthy, happy life. We may need to think again…

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